History of Agriculture

Over the years, the history of agriculture remains an interesting story. The age of the earth is already 4.5 billion years. During the Oldest age, around 2 million years ago, people could not eat vegetables. They relied only in eating meats as carnivores. Around 6000 BC, people could start to wonder how was eating leaves looked like so they began to eat leaves and any fruit that they could see. According to the records of the Stone age, people did not know how to cook.

It was in the beginning of the Bronze age when they found a way to cook by making fire but they used friction of stones to produce fire. It was around 3,500 years ago, the Bronze Age, when people started to work in the farm and made use of the land for planting vegetables and tending animals. Animals were the wealth of the nations during those times. There is no record of what vegetables they eat but there is a record that they have already eaten fruits and vegetables from 3, 500 years ago. There were few who liked vegetables because they got used to eating raw meats. They could not leave the custom that they had already started.

For the people in those days, they could sacrifice food for their gods and eat with them. Animals are regarded as treasures of the land. Discoveries of vegetables and medicinal ones came one by one. They used leaves for healing the wounds. Like this, they could not stop on finding crops too that they can eat. In fact, plants and fruits were naturally growing but people were ignorant to eat those ones in their time. They also named the plants they are familiar with to distinguish it from other plants. Since farming became their work, they found means to toil the ground easier which make the people invent tools and equipment.