Family farmers and their contribution to the national and global food security

When you see a family do something all together you would be able to feel warm even if you do not know them. How about the so-called family farmers?  In this article, we will see about family farmers. They are called like that as they do the farming work together as a family. It is what they do for a living and they make effort to maintain that work that they have learned from their parents. In the records, their are many family farmers.

The infographic above provides much information that you could know about the agriculture industry and the contribution that is being made by family farmers. If you see in the infographic among the 570 million of farms 500 million of it is owned by a family. It is a good practice as the family can retain the quality that their parents or ancestors have worked, great site here 九福長照中心. Small-scale farmers are not easy that is why many young adults study and move to the city to look for other jobs as agriculture is not enough to provide their needs.

It also requires much hardship with some uncertainties. In other countries, farming is done by parents that are already in their elderly stage of life. Even if they have lost much strength, they still continue to do so as it is the only work they can do and those who cannot receive support should also take care of themselves by farming. In some countries, agricultural land is decreasing and so others look for an alternative.