The controversy of genetically modified food versus organic food

In regard to food, this controversy has been an issue that it is not quite settled until today. The practice of this two is still active to this day. Many farmers in the agriculture industry whether in vegetable or fruit kind of produce used the genetically modified method but many also use the organic method. Agriculture is not a minor human activity but it is a major one as it is one of the basic need of humans. The infographic below provides many things and information.

If you see on one side is the data and information about genetically modified food and on the other side is the organic food. Many people are struggling in agriculture as it is their only livelihood and it is where they get their own food. Still, on this day the poverty issue around the world is not yet solved despite many efforts of different organizations. It is because there are many factors that people consider. People can sometimes hinder what should be solved already.

For many efforts were done but until now it is still a major issue. But in the locality, there are efforts already that are being implemented so that those small scale farmers could survive on the effect of the weather on their produce. One of the problems of farmers is the destructive weather that can destroy all of the crops. Now many things are being discovered to cover all the issues and the humanity could survive. When planning to make a structure for your future project building, it is advisable that you use a software tool to make the design of your building. Many uses AUTOCAD , a 3D software commonly use by architects and engineers for building up a structure of building. This software is very relevant to many as it has all the tools that you needed in the making of your building or house project.