Agriculture in France

One third of economy in France comes from agricultural land. It is one of the most successful industry that the country produces. Their main products are wheat, barley, grapes. They have acres of potatoes and lentils. They are the continent’s power for agriculture.


Agriculture is not the major industry but they are rich in land products. They have vast land for poultry and fruits. They can not help but to export these in the worlds. In fact they are making use of big and heavy equipment for toiling the land. Due to the inventions of these equipment, the country  and others can move for agricultural development. This opens the way for jobless to have a job and earn money to sustain living. It is not too much to say that people can enjoy working on the land if they have equipment as helpers. In fact, it is not easy to work in the farm as everybody thinks.

Nevertheless, agriculture will always make the country rich if done properly. While some lands in other nations are being destroyed due to overuse of chemicals in farming, France still has the good land for the continuous farming. The maintenance of the land will help the country grow for more and for better economy. Although it is not easy to maintain the land, farmers are doing their best to reduce harmful things that can disturb the fertility of the land. It is not too much to think that agriculture can help people makes use of land for gaining money and helping nations have agricultural product.